Yeboah remembered by Leeds United

 Yeboah in his heyday for Leeds United

Yeboah in his heyday for Leeds United

TWENTY years ago this week, Tony Yeboah entered the hearts of Leeds fans with a stunning strike against Liverpool.

Beamed live on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, it was a goal that has been replayed thousands of times, not only because of the stunning strike, but because of the build-up and the celebration.

Yeboah’s strike won Leeds the game and ensured he would always be remembered, and the Ghanaian striker admits it was the Leeds faithful whohelped him make a difference.

The goal scored by Yeboah was shown live on Sky Sports and helped him earn legendary status at Leeds.

He told The Yorkshire Evening Post: “It was live on Sky so no-one was watching anything else. On a Saturday, you had games everywhere but on Monday, Leeds and Liverpool. Nothing else.”

“I wasn’t happy at first, not because I didn’t like Leeds but because English football, the kick and rush, didn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t feel like I belonged there.

“But I played for the first time as a substitute against QPR (at Elland Road), just a few minutes before the end of the game. There was no time to do anything but the crowd.

“I don’t know how much they knew about me or if they liked me but the way they treated me, the reception I got, was fantastic. It gave me strength. I was motivated. I thought ‘you know what? I’ll make this happen.’”

— Mailonline

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