YEA workers storm Forestry Commission offices in Kumasi

The chaotic scene in front of the Commission’s premises

The chaotic scene in front of the Commission’s premises

There was confusion at the premises of the Forestry Commission, here, yesterday, when some youth (employees) in Agriculture and Afforestation under the Youth and Employment Agency (YEA) stormed the office to protest against non-payment of their salaries.

The aggrieved workers claimed their salaries have been in arrears for the past six months.

It took the intervention of a combined team of the military-cum-police to prevent what would have been a nasty situation.

They wanted to petition the management at the office but that did not materialise because of the heavy presence of the security personnel who warded them off.

For some six months, the youth claimed their salaries had not been paid and all efforts to make the authorities ‘to do the right thing’ had been futile.

Under the contract, salary of graduates was supposed to be GH¢1,200.00 while Higher National Diploma (HND) holders was pegged for GH¢800.00.

However, the salary of the graduates has been slashed to GH¢700.00 and the HNDs to GH¢400.00, “yet for well over six months the salaries have not been paid,” they complained.

“I was nearly bitten by a snake few days ago in the bush, when I tried to lay my child on an improvised mat to enable me work; in spite of this my little salary is not paid, why,” one of the females told the Ghanaian Times.

Responding to their claim, the Ashanti Regional Manager of the Forestry Commission, Thomas Okyere, said, two month of the salaries had been paid but did not know that they still had some arrears to be settled.

According to him, he was not in charge of the payment and was shocked to see the youth in their numbers at the premises.

Mr. Okyere explained that efforts would be made to ensure the payment of the outstanding salaries. He therefore urged the youth to exercise restraint.



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