Yara to provide free sample fertilizers, training for farmers

Yara Ghana says it will soon commence supporting rural women farmers through capacity building in agricultural best practices and free sample fertilizers.

The support will be channelled through the company’s ‘One step forward programme’ to be initiated this farming season.

This was disclosed by the company during a working visit by selected members of the Development Action Association (DAA) to the Yara blending unit and warehouse facility in Tema.

The visit was to afford members, who are rural smallholder farmers, the opportunity to see at first hand the processes involved in the production, storage and delivery of fertilizers to farmers.

They were led by the Founder and Executive Director of the DAA, Madam Lydia Sasu.

According to the Marketing Assistant of Yara Ghana Mr.Kwame Okyere, apart from the training programmes offered by Yara agronomists to rural smallholder farmers on regular basis, the company would be giving out free samples of its YaraMila Actyva fertilizer to women smallholder farmers together with technical support for them to apply on their own demonstration plots.

“Currently, many farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa do not know what fertilizer is and do not follow best practice when it comes to optimal crop cultivation. This is due to minimal access to knowledge; misinformation and low quality or counterfeit fertilizer products which have not brought results and have,in many cases, actually damaged the soil and reduced farmer profitability, he stated.

ˮ Yara, being a farmer centric company has initiated The One Step Forward Program to focus on transferring agronomic principles and best practices throughout the growth cycleˮ he added.

He further stated that “the One Step Forward program focus on rural women farmers because of the critical roles they play in the family and community. ˮ

Founded in 1997, the DAA is an association of rural women farmers in Ghana that works to reduce poverty by empowering group members to be self-reliant and to participate fully in their own development. DAA operates in 46 communities with 98 per cent of its beneficiaries being women.

The team were briefed by the HESQ Manager of Yara Ghana, Mr. Perin Quarshie on the various processes involved in the receiving of products at the port,the bagging process,transportation to the various warehouses across the country and final delivery to the farmers for application.

They were also shown around the warehouses where various raw materials for the production of fertilizer products were stored. They thentoured the blending unit used for the production of blends such as the popular Asaase Wura Cocoa fertilizer.

The Executive Director of the DAA Madam Lydia Sasu expressed gratitude to Yara Ghana for the opportunity given them to tour the Yara blending unit and warehouses.

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