Wuug Primary School cries for roof

Pupils of Wuug Primary School in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region who have been studying under the sun since the school’s roof was ripped off by storm in April 2016, want the government to re-roof the school.

The Wuug Primary School is the only school facility serving the entire community, but the school was ripped off in April 2016 leaving the community without a conducive learning environment.

According to the pupils, the situation has reduced instructional hours particularly when the weather becomes unfriendly.

A visit to the school saw pupils loitering while some were on the bare floor, under the scorching sun but highly concentrated on their assignments, the rest were hanging around waiting for their meals under the Ghana School Feeding Programme to eat and go home.

Although the headteacher of the school, Tikaha Patrick was absent at the time of the visit,  other teachers present  would not comment on the situation without permission from the Talensi District Director of Education, but did not stop the pupils from expressing their frustrations.

A student, Kolumutaba Comfort said, “we are not happy studying in our school because our school’s roof was removed  by rain storm in April 2017 making studies difficult. When its threatening to rain we have to go home or when the sun is hot we cannot study so we are pleading with the government to roof our school for us.”

“Our school roof was removed last year,  when we come to school and it’s raining we have to go home and when the sun is hot we can’t study so we want government to roof our school for us,” she said.

Another student Alebna Ezekiel stated “when its threatening to rain, our teachers do not come to school, and that affects our studies, we want government to roof our school.”

The former DCE, Edward Awonnore admitted that the Assembly was notified of the problem, but it was financially constrained to undertake the rehabilitation.

“The rift off Wuug primary school was among other affected schools reported to the assembly around April 2016, although the assembly was able to re-roof the other schools we were constrained in the case of re-roofing the Wuug primary school till I left office,” he said.

But Talensi District Chief Executive, Christopher Boatbil noted that plans are underway to fix the problem.

“I came and met the situation but we have sanctioned an engineer to get estimates of the cost involved in re-roofing the school.


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