Woyome granted bail for non-payment of workers SSNIT contributions

Mr Alfred  Woyome

Mr Alfred Woyome

Businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, has been granted GH¢150,000 bail by an Accra Central Magistrate Court for failing to pay to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions of his workers.

He was charged with two counts of failing to pay SSNIT contributions contrary to Section 83(1)(d)(h) of the National Pensions Act (Amended) by ACT, 2014 (ACT883)  and penalty for delay of payments.

Two of Mr. Woyome’s companies, Anator Holding Company and Stewise Anator Company Limited, located near Islamic Society, East Legion, Accra, were said to be in arrears of GH¢434,788.84, being actual contributions and penalty for delay of payments for five years.

Mr. Woyome, who was represented in court by his finance officer, Isaac Sarpong, was  asked to produce three sureties as part of the bail conditions, one to be justified, whilst the two other sureties deposited GH¢1,000 each.

The prosecutor, Mr. Frank Asamoah Damptey told the court presided by Dr. Worlanyor Kotoku that the summons were served on Woyome through his finance officer.

He submitted that although SSNIT had discussions with management of the companies as to the terms of payments, it had not been fruitful, adding that should the workers put in a claim, the Trust would have to pay.

In the first case, the prosecutor stated inspections conducted by compliance officers of the Trust into the wages books of Anator Company, indicated accused was in arrears of GH¢386,799.74.

Out of the amount, GH¢275,810.70 was the actual contribution, while GH¢110,969.04 was the cumulative charges for delayed payments.

Mr Woyome’s lawyer, Mr. George S.K Babanawo, said the accounts of his client had been frozen, and explained that it was not a deliberate attempt by Mr. Woyome not to pay the contributions of his workers.

His prayer for the court to vary the bail conditions of Mr. Woyome was refused.

He said the accused was a family man, with a fixed place of abode, and would not abscond from justice.

In the second case, Stepwise, failed to pay the contributions of its employees totalling GH¢48,009.10.

The court heard that the company was in arrears between February 2012 and June 2017.

The prosecutor told the court GH¢34,553.35 was the actual contribution, and GH¢13,455.75 as cumulative penalty charges.

By Malik Sullemana

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