World Water Day C’tte unhappy about pollution of water, drought

The National Planning Committee for the upcoming World Water Day (WWD 2015) which will be held in Accra on Monday, has called for concerted actions to reverse the present trends of overconsumption, pollution, and rising threats from droughts and floods in the country.

The WWD 2015, which is on the theme: “Water and Sustainable Development” seeks to highlight the role of water in the world’s sustainable development agenda.

These were contained in a press release issued in Accra yesterday and signed by Mrs Adwoa Munkua Dako, the committee’s chairperson.

It reminded Ghanaians that the scarcity and misuse of fresh water, poses a serious and growing threat to sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

The statement called for actions to be implemented at the local, national and international levels, based on the four guiding principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Fresh water is a finite and vulnerable resource, essential to sustain life, development and the environment and that water development and management should be based on a participatory approach, involving users, planners and policy makers at all levels.

Additionally, women play a central part in the provision, management and safeguarding of water and that water has an economic value in all its competing uses and should be recognised as an economic good.

The statement said that the United Nation had decided to use this year’s celebration to highlight the fact that the human health and welfare, food security, industrial development and the ecosystems on which they depend, were all at risk, unless water and land resources were managed more effectively in the present decade and beyond than they had been in the past.

“Currently, a total of 748 million people still do not have access to an improved drinking water source and existing indicators do not address the safety and reliability of water supplies,” it disclosed.

By Times Reporter

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