Women Must Sacrfice More Time For Spouses, Children

ECGA marriage counsellor, Opanyin Kojo Kyereh, has asked women to sacrifice more time for  their spouses and children.
He said most women place much interest on their work and money, and ignore their children and husbands.

Opanyin Kyere was speaking on Tuesday at a counseling seminar on customer relationship and work attitude, held by the Accra East Sub-Transmission Power Queens of the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Addressing the ladies, Opanyin Kojo Kyereh said “many women drive away customers with strange attitudes”, adding that a woman should know what is necessary in life and go after it instead of chasing after unnecessary things in life.”

He said an individual could never sell out, if she did not excel in life, adding that time management was vital for every corporate woman.
He said a responsible woman must always have time for both her work and family but not concentrate most interest on only one.

Opanyin Kyereh said every corporate woman should prioritize her life and spend the needed time with her children to know their challenges and help solve them.

“Its wrong for women to leave the upbringing of their children in the hands of nannies”, he stated. The President of the group, Mrs. Ida Addobea Boahene, on her part said the association since its existence had been assisting hospitals, orphanages among others, as part of their social responsibilities.

She said the group held the seminar to educate women on their attitudes towards customers which was often, poor and unsatisfactory.
According to her, the group most times held forums for schools and market women, to teach them more about the advantages and disadvantages of electricity.

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