Woman,23,arrested for murder

The deceased

The deceased

THE Police, on Sunday, arrested a 23-year-old unemployed woman at Ho-Dome, Abigail Abotsi, in connection with the murder of a driver in the compound house in which she and her grandmother lived as tenants.

She was said to have pursued the deceased, Richard Mensah, 55, and caught up with him outside the house before hitting him in the neck with a big stone.

Mensah, who was also known as Micky Bo was rushed to the Ho Regional Hospital where he died on arrival.

A spokesman at the Ho Central Police Station yesterday confirmed the arrest of the woman and said that, ” I can only tell you now that we are about to start investigations into the matter”.

According to eye-witnesses, the suspect and her grandmother have not been on talking terms with Mensah for some time.

On Saturday, Abigail and her grandmother received a visitor who greeted the mother of Mensah on her way out of the house.

That, according to the witnesses, angered Abigail who sought to know from the visitor why she greeted their “enemies”.

Abigail was then said to have launched a tirade of insults on the mother of Mensah.

Mensah, who was not happy with Abigail’s verbal attacks on his mother warned her to leave his mother alone, which resulted in physical attack between them but they were separated by other people in the house after which Mensah left the house.

However, the witnesses said that the suspect carried the stone and ran after Mensah and hit him hard in the neck when she caught up with him, after which she fled the scene and took refuge in the chief’s house to avoid mob and instant justice.

She was said to have admitted running after the deceased with a stone while in the chief’s palace but denied hitting him with it.

The next day, some elders were detailed to hand her safely over to the police.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased is at the morgue at the Ho Regional Hospital, awaiting autopsy.

 From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho     

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