Woman testifies about abuse

Janet Amoakwah, the woman, who was sexually abused by another woman, has testified before an Accra Circuit Court.

Queenie Akuffo, the alleged offender, used a dildo, also known as sex toy, to violently abuse the victim.

Janet, unemployed, told the court that she provided laundry services for the accused, who is her neighbour.

She said on Monday, January 25, when she returned from town, her younger sister, informed her that the accused was looking for her.

The victim said when she went to Queenie’s house, she was drinking beer and dancing, and she (victim) was offered some alcohol but she refused it.

Amoakwah said Akuffo sent the victim’s sister to buy more beer, and convinced her (victim) to drink some, after which she became intoxicated.

The victim said after taking it, “I did not see anything again. I only realised it was next day and  in my mum’s bed”.

According to the victim, she accompanied the mother to the police station to lodge a complaint of sexual assault and obtained a medical form to attend hospital.

The court, presided over by Abena Adjin Doku, adjourned the case to February 24 for further cross-examination of the victim.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Judith Asante told the court that the complainant, Comfort Sam, mother of the victim, lives in the same vicinity with the accused at Ablekuma.

According to prosecution, on January 25, at about 6 p.m., the accused sent the younger sister of the victim, who is a witness in the case, to call the victim, which she did.

The court heard that the accused offered Vodka drink to the victim and she became intoxicated and the accused lured her into her bedroom.

DSP Asante said “Thereafter, the accused sacked persons who are witnesses in the case from the room and she closed her door.  Later one of the witnesses, age 13, peeped through the window of the accused, and saw the accused using artificial penis to penetrate the vagina of the victim,”

The witness quickly informed the complainant’s brother, who also alerted the victim’s mother, and when they rushed into the room they found her lying naked on the accused’s bed.

DSP Asante said the victim was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital after a report was made to the police.

The court heard that when the accused was arrested and a search carried out in her room, the police found empty Vodka, Star beer  as well as Origin bottles and the artificial penis.

The accused admitted the offence in her caution statement.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme 

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