AN anonymous writer wrote a piece on the website of Internet Society, explaining why all nations ought to take cyber security serious.

According to the writer, the scale of cyber attacks is steadily growing, and many anticipate the likelihood of catastrophic cyber attacks in the future.

“We already see attacks on national scale, so it is not forfeited to imagine a digital pandemic with attacks crippling entire economies.

The writer noted that as the internet becomes intertwined with national security cyber offence and defence strategies would shape the future internet for industry and individual users alike.

Cyber space is now considered the fifth domain of warfare, but there are few agreed rules of engagement, the writer said.

“The threat of destructive cyber conflict with only increase over the next decade Conflicts will be initiated not only by nation states, but also by their surrogates, and by independent political movements and private actors.

“Acts of cyber conflict will be coupled with disinformation propaganda to destabilize states and economies.

“Recent cyber attacks that appear to be designed to destabilize political systems are especially alarming and point to a future in which undermining governance structures, and therefore, the value that they stand for will become common place” the writer noted.

We find this piece very profound and decided to share it with our readers against the backdrop of the launch in Accra yesterday, of the National Cyber securities campaign by the Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia.

The piece above presents a frightening scenario that the government and the people must pay serious attention too, in order to avoid cyber attacks.

As acknowledged by Vice-president Bawumia, cyber attackers usually change sensitive information, extort money from users, interrupt business processes in both public and private sectors.

It is for this reason that he called for the creation of awareness to ensure that digital platforms were secured and the public is made aware of the cyber risks in order to live a responsible and safe digital life.

Although the country’s effort at ensuring cyber security is just taking off, it is commendable that stakeholders have been put together to create awareness to protect the country from cyber attack.

It is without doubt that cybercrime poses a huge problem for nation states and those who indulge in them target vulnerable states or individuals.

We, therefore, need to build a robust digital ecosystem that can withstand threats from both external internal hackers.

We trust that the government is on the right track and has assembled very competent people who would carry out the vigorous agenda to educate the people and empower them to live safe digital life.

We commend the Ministry of Communications for spearheading the five-year campaign and hopefully with all hands on deck, Ghana would be able build an efficient and effective cyber security defence to ward-off hackers and keep the country’s private and public sectors safe.

We cannot afford to rest on our oars until we address the cyber security challenges and build a safe digital Ghana.


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