The Minister of Education is reported to have expressed worry at the rampant extra classes head-teachers and teachers organise for pupils.

Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agye-mang says the pupils do not need these classes, because the time-table for every term has been structured to fit or cover each academic calendar.

Expressing her sentiments at the presentation of 14 buses to selected schools across the country on Monday, the minister asked teachers not to put undue pressure on their pupils, in the name of extra classes.

“The pupils as well as their brains have limits as to what they can absorb,” stressed the minister.

Indeed, the minister hit the nail right on the head since some of the extra classes are not necessary.

If teachers would spend time and energy to teach their pupils well, and cover the syllabi, there would be no need for the extra classes.

The Times acknowledges that there are situations in which extra classes are needed for teachers to help their pupils brush up and prepare well for examinations, but this should not be at a cost to parents.

It is on record that some teachers are so lazy, they fail to provide their pupils with the necessary tutorials and use the extra classes as a cover for their ineptitude, and end up exploiting parents with the heavy fees they charge.

We suggest that the Ghana Education Service takes immediate steps to ban the classes for pupils at the basic and junior high school levels, and have the teachers to concentrate on their regular teaching during the stipulated contact hours.

The revelation that some teachers keep the textbooks supplied their schools in cupboards, instead of making them available to the pupils to enhance academic work, is also shocking.

What would the teachers achieve, if they continue to give their pupils a raw deal by denying them access to these textbooks?

The Inspectorate Division of the Ministry of Education must take this matter up and ensure that teachers engaged in this practice are sanctioned accordingly.

This is the time for us to deal with such negative tendencies affecting education in the country!

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