Why Martin Amidu Was Dismissed

martin_amiduMartin Amidu, the former Attorney-General  and Minister of Justice, according to the Deputy Information Minister, was dismissed by the late President Mills’ for failing to mention the names of cabinet ministers in his administration whom he alleged, were directly involved with the judgement debt saga.

Murtala Mohammed stressed that  courageous as Martin Amidu is,  nothing should have prevented him from telling the late President Mills when he was called at the level of the appointment authority to disclose  those who wanted to defraud the nation.

He added that the late President Mills even called Martin Amidu to a closed door meeting to give him clues on the people in his government  linked to the  judgement debt saga, but he could not mention one name.

He said the claim  by the New Patriotic Party (NPP)  that Martin Amidu was dismissed because of his allegation that the late President Mills’ Ministers were involved in fraudulent deals was not true; stressing that his failure to mention names was an indictment to the entire government, hence his dismissal.

He further stated emphatically that Martin Amidu never gave out, either in an interview or a written statement, the names of those cabinet ministers  involved; adding that as at this moment, he has not mentioned a single person in Mahama Administration or the late President Mills’ regime, linked to either Waterville Holdings or ISOFOTON SA.

He reiterated that the statement Martin Amidu made, made everybody in the late President Mills’ administration stand accused, and so failure to single out those involved made the late President Mills dismissed him from his government.

He  assured  the Mahama administration would make every effort to retrieve any penny paid to any individual and groups which benefited from the Waterville and ISOFOTON SA judgement debt deals, stressing  those involved would be investigated and the monies  retrieved.  – Peaceonline

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