Our banner headline story of yesterday, “Hospital In A Mess”, portrayed a shameful spectacle at the Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Mampong Akwapim in the Eastern Region, with a massive breakdown of its equipment and a rundown of the facilities.

It is hard to believe that the hospital, which is intended to serve over 120,000 people – spanning the entire semi-urban Akwapim Ridge, its rural valley and the adjoining areas, has been left in ruins.

The Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital is the only Government Hospital, within a radius of 30 kilometres of that area, the nearest being the Regional Hospital at Koforidua. It is unfortunate, that it is experiencing such a degree of neglect, decay and rot, despite the fact that it was specifically built and commissioned in 1961, in honour and memory of the late Tetteh Quarshie, the man who brought the cocoa, which is now the mainstay of the economy, to Ghana, then Gold Coast.

The Times feels that the present sorry state of the hospital, is an insult to the memory and dignity of this illustrious son of the land.

We are appalled, that as a nation, we continue to neglect the only facility supposed to be a fitting legacy to the vision and untiring efforts of Tetteh Quarshie of blessed memory.

The hospital, according to the Eastern Regional Health Directorate of the Ghana Health Service, has a long term vision of becoming a Centre of Excellence in the provision of quality, affordable and accessible health care for people in its catchment area, and eventually, serve as a teaching and learning centre.

Unfortunately in its present sorry state, it would be very remote and daunting, realising this dream, in the near future.

To redeem its image and the purpose for which it was established, the hospital requires immediate, major renovations and expansion works, as part of the measures towards achieving its lofty long term vision.

It is surprising that the Ghana Cocoa Board-COCOBOD, which is a major beneficiary of the sweat and toil of Tetteh Quarshie, should look on, unconcerned, as the facility deteriorates. We are pretty sure that Tetteh Quarshie would be grieving and weeping in his grave, as one of the only two monuments and legacies which stand to his memory, goes into the drain.

We therefore appeal to the government and COCOBOD to take the necessary steps to refurbish the hospital to enable it carry out its mission, and provide the necessary healthcare to the people.

Indeed, we should not leave the facility in ruins; Tetteh Quarshie must be saved!

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