THE Finance Minister, Mr. Seth Tekper, last Friday, presented the Budget Statement and Economic Policy for 2016, in accordance with Article 179 of the 1992 constitution of the country.

Under the theme, “Consolidating progress towards a brighter medium-term” the Finance Minister, stressed the point that the government was going to implement several programmes to secure the bright medium term prospects of the economy.

Significantly, he reminded the nation that the country had already gone through shocks that include disruption in gas supply for two-and-a-half years, and simultaneous fall in cocoa, gold and crude oil prices.

Notwithstanding the major shocks to the economy this year, the Finance Minister was confident that the government would stay the course in 2016, in pursuing the economic vision of leading the country through a transformational agenda to consolidate the Middle Income Status (MIS) of the country.

The Times, no doubt believes that the government and the Ministry of Finance are working hard and capable of pursuing policies in improving the well-being of Ghanaians.

Our concern however is, the citizenry have borne the blunt of the economic difficulties and going into 2016, more hoping that government policies would bring them some relief.

Thankfully, government had made it clear that, there will be no introduction of new tax policy for the 2016 financial year. This is a good decision in view of the fact that the country is facing tough times and we are still going through it.

We agree that there is the need for extra sacrifice by all Ghanaians of goodwill and while we salute the majority of our citizens who, inspite of the meagre resources, continue to support the country by paying taxes, our leaders more than before, need to go the extra mile to demonstrate leadership by example.

Indeed, the running theme for next year’s budget is economic stability and the government’s proposal not to overspend next year, is a welcome news which must be adhered to strictly.

In that way, the measures to stabilise the economy would be seen as a national call that everyone must contribute to.

Indeed, to realise our dream as a prosperous nation, we must take advantage of our peace and forster unity of purpose and be proud as Ghanaians, while embracing hard work as basis for sustainable wealth creation.

We have proved to ourselves over and over again in the past that, we can turn around our economy and what is reassuring, as we have been told is that, the underlying fundamentals are still strong. With our joint resolve to move the country forward, it is possible to achieve our aim.

We must all put our shoulders to the wheel for the sake of our country and posterity.


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