IT is unusual for the Ghanaian Times to respond to politicians for their public utterances.

In fact, politicians are famed for insults and attacks on their opponents, but when they extend it to others like the media, it becomes our duty to respond.

Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is one such politician who has recently become less decorous in her public utterances and has been uncharitable to the media.

Ordinarily, we could have ignored her effusions, but we take a dim view of her attempt to label media practitioners as “bribe takers”.

She is reported to have condemned politicians who have been silencing the media with bribes saying, “We politicians should stop bribing everybody for them to keep quiet about issues that are happening, we are supposed to have a vibrant media”.

According to her, “if the media, in general, does not see anything wrong with what is happening in this country where we are deeply steeped in corruption and the country seems to be sinking and yet not much is being said”.

We maintain that there should be no excuse for insults and name calling in our political discourse.

And therefore, it is important to draw her attention to the fact that there are very good, upright and principled media practitioners who would not take bribe from politicians and therefore, her description of the media was inappropriate. Admittedly, there would be few bad nuts just like politicians, and every sphere of life but to use the same brush to paint the entire media is most unfair.

Indeed, Nana Konadu may have forgotten that she depended on the media throughout her political life to become who she is today and instead of being grateful she is rather labelling it as corrupt. Really?

It is, legitimate therefore, to ask whether she also bribed the media as a politician and who they are.

We reserve our comments on the painful experience the media went through in the early 80s and 90s, when she was the First Lady, and refuse to remember the struggle that has brought the media this far.

For her information and for those who do not know, Ghana’s media is ranked in Africa as number two only to Namibia on the Press Freedom Index.

The vibrancy of the media is, therefore, not in doubt and politicians like Nana Konadu should desist from tagging all media practitioners as corrupt.

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