Where are the original drawings?

Ghana FlagRENOWNED international Ghanaian artist, Professor Ablade Glover, has questioned the whereabouts of the original sketches of the National Flag and the Coat of Arms designed by the late Theodosia Okoh and Amon Kotei respectively.

“These drawings are national treasures that need to be preserved in the National Arts Archives as tourist attractions and future generations,” he said yesterday in Accra in a lecture on the topic, “An audit of our contemporary art heritage: Rationale for the preservation of the legacy and the restoration of the culture.

“Who is keeping the flag Mrs Okoh designed? It should have been at the National Museum, shouldn’t it? Mr Amon Kotei’s Coat of Arms too, where is it?. These are national treasures that must be at our National Art archives,” he said.

Prof Glover said his concerns should be a wake-up call to the Ministry of Culture and Creative Arts, the National Commission on Culture, the National Museum and the entire nation to begin the search for these original drawings.

He proposed the establishment of a National Arts Gallery where drawings of Ghanaian contemporary and pioneers could be preserved.

“The National Arts Gallery should be a national art museum for the collection and preservation of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures and medals of Ghanaians for future legacy,” he said.

Prof Glover said the absence of a national arts gallery had made it difficult to trace original drawings of pioneer Ghanaian artists whose works had been recognised on the local and in international.

He said there was the need for stakeholders to invest in the creative arts industry since the western world was making fortunes from the sector stressing Ghana has good artists whose drawings could market the country”.

By Bernard Benghan

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