We’ve been deceived too long—PPP

The national chairman of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond has stated that Ghanaians have been betrayed for a very long time by politicians and the populace must now take them on over numerous failed promises.
“We should not sit idle for people to deceive us again, it has been far too long. In 2008, the promises made have not been fulfilled and in 2012, they repeated similar promises but could not honour them,” he noted.

At a rally held in Amanfrom, near Kasoa, in the Central Region last Tuesday, Mr Brew-Hammond indicated: “People have to go far with buckets on their heads before getting potable water, electricity bills have escalated, wages cannot cater for anything, the hardships are too much and it is time to look at the appalling current conditions to let that guide your voting pattern.”

He pointed out that in choosing which party to vote for in the forthcoming December polls, Ghanaians need to “consider the unemployment situation and poor purchasing power of citizens,” adding that the “solution to all these problems lies with a Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom-led PPP government”.

The Kasoa rally is part of a tour led by the flagbearer, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, and his running mate, Brigitte Dzogbenuku.

Nii Brew-Hammond stated: “Dr Nduom will lead national, regional, and constituency executives to the Eastern, Ashanti, and Northern regions and back to the Volta and Greater Accra regions, which will end on August 16. Once again, the focus will be to showcase the party’s parliamentary candidates.”

He said Dr Nduom’s campaign to make it to the Flagstaff House after President John Mahama’s first four-year term, officially started at the party’s national convention held on July 16.

The three-time presidential aspirant has already been to the Volta, Western, Greater Accra, and Central regions to introduce parliamentary candidates to the people.

Nii Brew-Hammond explained that the party aims “to provide compulsory, continuous, quality education from the kindergarten to senior high school level; eradicate preventable diseases like malaria and cholera; create millions of jobs using our locally available raw materials; and provide competent, incorruptible leadership that will prevent waste of billions of taxpayers’ money that we will use to fund our transformational initiatives”. –classfmonline.com

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