Western Region launches biggest corporate sports festival

aubynnThe maiden Western Region Corporate Games has been launched with a vow to show-case talents, good performance and physical fitness.

The event, which is being organized by Diverse Capital, producer of Sanbynns local rice, seeks to focus on sports and the physical well-being of the participants, and is seen as one of the biggest sporting corporate event in the Western Region where employees, societies, agencies, medium and small scale businesses, partnerships, clubs, executive and multinational companies, could come together to invest in morale, team spirit, business and fitness.

In all, about 50 companies from the mining, oil, insurance and banking, education, security services, power, regulatory agencies, manufacturing and haulage services, have registered to participate in games, including golf ,table tennis, tennis, swimming, marathon, snooker, tug-of-war and lime and spoon on July 1, this year.

Launching it, the Chief Executive Officer of the Mineral Commission, Dr.Toni Aubynn, noted that the event would bring corporate people together to think about sports, adding that, performance on the day would not be as important as participation.”

The Deputy Minister for Western Region, Mr. Alfred Ekow Gyan, recognised the importance of sports in the lives of the people.

He said, the idea of sports was not just to while away time but also to build the body and develop it to fight all kinds of diseases.

“I believe also that, the corporate games would be seen as a corporate festival set up to encourage companies to support their employees’ pursuit of a healthier and more active lifestyle. Furthermore, the games will provide the opportunity for anyone, regardless of their sporting ability to play, compete and have fun.”Mr.Gyan added.

Nana Aubynn said: “The event is about building spirit de corps, reach out to new clients, new businesses and new customers through sports, and enhance awareness of the company name, product, services, or presence in the region. We want you to build contacts with leaders and representatives of national and multinational businesses.”

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