We’re not part of peace pullout – Andani group

Mr Issifu (with microphone) speaking at the meeting

Mr Issifu (with microphone) speaking at the meeting

A group calling itself the ‘true Andani family’ has distanced itself from the pull-out of the Andanis from the road map towards the resolution to the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis.

On Saturday, chiefs from the Andani Royal Gate held a press conference and resolved to pull out of the road map.

They accused the government and the eminent chiefs of being biased against the Andani gate.

However, another section of the Andanis yesterday at a press conference held in Tamale, dissociated themselves from it.

The spokesperson of the group, Mr A. Baba Issifu, urged the government and the security agencies to arrest them and bring them to book.

He entreated the security agencies to be up and doing in their intelligence gathering and deal with Kampakuyaa-Na Abdulai Yakubu Andani should he and his imposters try to do anything untoward.

Mr Issifu indicated that those persons intend to create confusion in the area and that government should not allow them to foment trouble.

“These people want to create greater problems than what exists in Dagbon and the security should deal with them appropriately,” he stated.


Mr Issifu stated that they are legitimate representatives of the Andani Royal Family and would not allow any alien group to usurp its powers and deviate from what it had agreed on with the three Eminent Chiefs.

He emphasised that the stance by purported groups that the family had pulled out of the entire process was the fiction of imagination of those so-called persons and not representative of the family.

Mr Issifu reminded those fronting various quarters as legitimate Andani Family representatives to know that Lamashe-Na and Vo Na have represented the Andani family at the Otumfuo peace talks for more than 12 years.

“Today, unknown and faceless people are claiming to be the spokesmen of the Andani Family. Let us for a second bemoan this period of Dagbon when people claim to be what they are not,” he said.

He, therefore, appealed to the general public to disregard the group claiming that the Andanis have pulled out of the road map.

Mr Issifu stated that they were self-seeking individuals who were bent on creating confusion in Dagbon.

It is recalled that the three eminent mediation committee, under the leadership of the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, last month presented a road map for the resolution to the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis.

The leadership of both royal gates of the chieftaincy divide had signed to it that both funerals of the former Ya-Na Mahamudu Abdulai and that of the late Ya-Na Yakubu Andani be performed at the Gbewaa Palace, between December 14 and December 28, 2018 and January 4 and January 18, 2019 respectively.


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