The nation was yesterday, hit by two swift dismissals of the Ashanti Regional Minister and his deputy.

Though unusual, we see it as the best decision and step, to prevent the lawlessness and confusion now prevalent in the Ashanti Region, from degenerating into anarchy.

The Times, and indeed many Ghanaians, have watched from afar, the confusion and lawlessness which seem to be taking over the Ashanti Region, due to lack of leadership. It had been rumoured in recent times that the Regional Minister, Dr. Samuel Sarpong and his deputy, Joseph Yamin, had not been on good terms for a long time. The misunderstandings between them were not clearly in the public domain, but their quarrel did affect, not only government business, but also the National Democratic Congress-NDC, leading to some unruly and uncouth behaviour between two groups in the party.

The dismissal of the two personalities must subsequently be a big relief to all peace-loving people in the region, and elsewhere in the country.

Governance is not a tea party for individuals to toy with; it is serious business, and all who get the privilege to govern, must hold it in high esteem, and not use it for their personal aggrandisement. They must acknowledge that they are primarily appointed to serve the people, and not for their personal comfort, or parochial interest, thus, all who are not prepared to live by its tenets, should give way themselves, or be booted out.

The sacking of the two ministers should therefore, serve as an example to all other ministers who are feeling very comfortable, and not working in the interest of the people.

While commending the President for his bold and decisive decision in the Ashanti Region, we hope the same means would be used to get rid of all other “armchair” ministers and appointees by the State.

Perhaps it is the first time a sitting President has removed both a minister and his deputy the same day, and it must have been a tough decision, doing so, but we are nonetheless excited that he took it, in the interest of the majority of the people.

Maybe, this is the time for the President to think about reshuffling his ministers. We are aware, it his prerogative to do so, but then, it’s our humble duty to call his attention to some ineffective areas and shortfalls in his administration.

We would do it in the interest of the nation, and as part of our contribution to nation building. We all have a stake in the country’s forward march and orderly development.

We applaud the President again, for saving the situation, and averting any unforeseen calamities in Ashanti, and urge him to look beyond the region, by investigating the pockets of complaints from ordinary people, about the performance of some of his appointees; and in the interest of the country take similar action, to promote good governance, tranquility and development.

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