Weightlifting Coach Pierce in Ghana for PASHDA conference

Kyle Pierce

Kyle Pierce

Renowned weightlifting coach and fitness expert, Kyle Pierce from the United States arrived in the country on Sunday, to take part in the upcoming Physical Activity and Sport for Health Development in Africa (PASHDA) conference at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Pierce would be speaking on the topic, “Strengthening and Conditioning” and also take part in other activities for the conference scheduled for September 19-21.

Speaking on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport, Mr Pierce said, strengthening and conditioning was a very important aspect of sports which is usually ignored by athletes, especially in Africa.

“Every sport has it particular strengthening exercises which cannot be ignored by athletes. And when done properly, would ensure that an athlete becomes very strong,” he stated.

Mr Pierce, who is a lecturer at the Louisana State University in Shreveport, USA, said he would also introduce the idea of certification for strengthening and conditioning in order for Ghana to have some coaches in that area.

That, he said, would go a long way to ensure that people aside athletes gain the needed strength to carry out their daily activities.

Pierce is a former weightlifter and his study in kinesiology is most often applied to sports and athletic performance.

The event which is the third edition, would be held on the theme “Inclusive and Innovative Physical Activity, Sports and Health Education for Sustainable Development in Africa,” and aimed at improving upon physical activities among the youth in Ghana and beyond.

The conference would be preceded by a workshop today in areas including, Right to Play (using physical activities to solve academic problems or to learn), teaching visually impaired persons by using physical activities, lessons for keep fit instructors and sports management. 


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