THE Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown Gaisie, has made a revelation which makes interesting reading.

According to him, some personnel of the service collect moneys in the form of bribes from clients before issuing them with permits and fire certificates.

Though this is a very shocking news, The Times has no cause to dispute it, especially as it is coming from the head of the institution.

Who can challenge the crocodile when it emerges from the river to tell us of things happening beneath it?

He says there had been reports of some Fire Service personnel going round collecting moneys from members of the public before issuing them with permits and certificates.

The Times is appalled at this revelation, because fire safety has been one of the major concerns of the nation.

As the Chief Fire Officer aptly pointed out, fire safety is a national call and we cannot allow fire to destroy property and precious lives, thus we have to comply with the best practices.

The Fire Service personnel have been enthrusted with the responsibility of conducting investigations and properly assessing buildings, domestic, commercial or industrial, before issuing the permits and certificates.

Sadly though, it seems the men put in charge to ensure the best practices are pursuing their own interests for monetary gains.

They have let the nation down woefully, by seeking their personal interests instead of that of the nation.

And we are saddened that all the Chief Fire Officer is able to do, is to issue threats of punishment.

We would have expected the authorities to investigate the reports and punitive actions taken against officers found culpable.

Though we acknowledge his efforts at streamlining the system of procuring the permits and certificates, we ask him to go beyond that to bring the culprits to book, to rid the service of such bad elements.

The nation cannot allow its Fire Service officers to engage in acts of corruption and put the people’s lives in danger.

We demand thorough investigations into the allegations, please!


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