‘Weak party structures caused our defeat in 2020’

Mr Kojo Bonsu

Mr Kojo Bonsu

A flagbearer hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kojo Bonsu has blamed the defeat of the party in the 2016 general election on weak party structures.
According to the former Chief Executive of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, the party was let down by some individuals who didn’t play the roles they were assigned to, making it impossible for the NDC to retain power.

“Things didn’t go well in our party that is why people are fighting to be elected to write the wrongs and also show what they are capable of doing,” he said.

Mr Bonsu expressed the sentiment when he announced his intention to run for the flagbearership slot of the NDC in the upcoming 2020 elections.

His announcement makes him the 12th member of the party to declare their interest to lead the party.

Addressing a press conference in Accra, Mr Bonsu explained that his decision to run for the flagbearership position was an answer to a calling to serve the citizenry because previous positions held had equipped him perfectly for the challenges of leadership and the work needed to be done to restore the party in power in 2020 and beyond.

“It is the party structures that didn’t do things well and not government, there is a difference between government and party, there are structures within the party and supporters didn’t follow them and the electorate rejected us.

“I urged party delegates to reject the re-election of some party officials who contributed to our defeat and until such party officials are changed and replaced by more competent ones, we can suffer another defeat in 2020.

“Most of our party officials abandoned their roles which contributed to our defeat, I want our delegates to vote for right people who will not disappoint them because losing touch with the grassroots and cadres destroyed the central pillar of what united us and lost the elections.

“I want to see an NDC that opens new channels to achieve inclusiveness in the decision making process and offers workable plans for economic transformation since am fully committed to policies aimed at curbing inequality, poverty, squalor and remain resolute to principles,” Mr Bonsu cautioned.


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