We paid $100,000 to stop ‘No. 12’video screening – Mrs Nyantakyi confirms

Mr Kwesi Nyamtakyi (right) with the wife

Mr Kwesi Nyamtakyi (right) with the wife

Wife of embattled former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, Christine-Marie Nyantakyi, says his husband paid $100,000 in a desperate attempt to stop the public screening of Anas’ ‘Number 12’ exposé on football corruption.


That claim was denied by the Anas camp before the screening of the investigative piece in June 2018 when news emerged from Nyantakyi’s camp that Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI team, had attempted to blackmail him by demanding that amount to stop the screening of the video.

But speaking on the matter on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana on Tuesday, Mrs Nyantakyi, who’s also the director of Oasis Montessori School at Teshie Greda Estates, stated emphatically that, in their desperation at the time after seeing pieces of the video, they were approached by some persons who said they could stop the screening for an amount of $150,000.

She said her husband only gave out $100,000 because that was all he could pay. She however did not state categorically if the men had links to Anas or Tiger Eye PI.

According to her, the amount was paid back to them in tranches after the screening of the video.

“Well, there’s information, and there’s truth in that information. Apparently, we became so desperate when we realised that all that they presented to us were false, so we tried to make some interventions, and they proposed that he pays some money. They proposed $150,000; my husband couldn’t afford it, so he gave out 100,000 dollars, and they came back to him and said the person says you need to add $50,000, and he said well, I don’t have it; that’s all that I have.”

Asked what happened to the $100,000, she said it was later returned to them when the video was shown.

“They brought $40,000 first; and then later on, they brought $60,000 dollars. I have not gathered the courage to watch the full video, because the small that I watched, I knew by the way he was talking; that it was not my husband; something might have gone wrong.”

Asked what she believed might have gone wrong with him, she said; “I don’t know what they did to him. My husband is a very skeptical person; I don’t know what they did to him to follow them like that. You don’t just get him to follow you like that.”

When the host, Paul Adom-Otchere asked if he could have been under a spell or some incantations, she responded in the affirmative.

According to her, the husband informed her that he had received $40,000 on his second Dubai trip, and that the amount was to cover for the cost of his trip.

“He told me this long before the video came out. He said it was for reimbursement of his ticket, because that was the agreement they had. So he accepted the money with the belief that it was a refund for his trip as agreed.”

Mrs Nyantakyi said her husband is pained, as he kept wondering what the motive could have been for this.

“His worry and the bother is what the motive was; so he tried to find out from people why did they do that? The motive for somebody planning, plotting, strategising and executing this just to make sure he’s disgraced. So that has been his pain and worry; he doesn’t mind at all whatever has happened; he has taken that in good faith, but each day he keeps asking “what have I done wrong? If they wanted me out they could have found another way; but that scheming to that extent”.

She suggested that what happened to her husband, could befall anyone, if people were to shine the light on what others have discussed or done in their closet about people.

Although the incident has taken a huge toll on them especially their two daughters, aged 13 and 9; she said they’re coping by the help of God.

Mr Nyantakyi has been banned from all football activities for the rest of his life, and has been fined 500,000 Swiss Francs (equivalent of GH¢2,414,276.46 and $497,490.00 respectively), for various breaches of FIFA’s code of ethics after he was exposed by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.-Citinewsroom

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