We are not going to pontificate about time management in Ghana, since majority of the public are guilty of the practice.

Infact, most members of the public would fail the time management test because majority has refused to be punctual and to attend functions on schedule.

It has almost become the norm rather than exception, for invited guest to arrive at functions very late thus delaying activities unnecessarily.

Many hours are wasted and productive time often go down the drain due to this attitude that has become known as “Africa Time”.

African Time refers to the tendency for guests to arrive at event later than the appointed time. This attitude has remained with us, with public officials being the most guilty.

Unfortunately, the practice has become widespread and almost routine to the extent that it recently caught the attention of the Korean Ambassador of Ghana in Ghana.

The Ambassador, Lyeo Woon-Ki, was not amused at all about the late attendance of officials at the programme and criticized them after waiting for close to an hour.

He said “Ghanaians should learn to respect time, because it is a valuable and precious resource”

Indeed, for us, it is not surprising that the Ambassador criticized officials for their lateness. It has become habitual for some official to arrive at public functions very late and only apologized for being late.

It is widely acknowledged that one of the main reasons for the continuing underdevelopment of our country is our blasé attitude to time and the need for punctuality in all aspects of life. The problems of punctuality has become prevalent that lateness to events is overlooked and an acceptable norm that is explained away as “African Times”.

Unfortunately African Time is destroying not only Ghana, but the continent through mussed opportunities and the tardiness in respecting time.

We cannot continue to disrespect time and expect to develop as western countries who respect their time and are punctual to meetings.

It is time to accept that the practice is bad and resolve to discard the African time mentality Ghana and Africa would be better off, if we did.


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