We are relevant—CPP reacts to Speaker

The Convention Peoples Party [CPP] has maintained that they are relevant in the current democratic dispensation of Ghana.

The Director of Elections of the party Kadril Abdul Rauf said despite the inability of the CPP to make much political gains to win power, the party still remains important to the development of democracy in the country.

Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Ocquaye during his lecture at the 70th anniversary of the formation of the UGCC on August 4 said the CPP can only be relevant again if they are able to extricate themselves from the National Democratic Congress [NDC].

But reacting to the statement of the Speaker, Kadril Abdul Rauf said the party’s relevance doesn’t rest only in winning political power.

According to him, the CPP plays a key role in shaping policies for the country and that is a more than enough sign that the party is more relevant than the Speaker would want Ghanaians to believe.- primenewsghana.com

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