IN the forenoon of yesterday, Thursday, August 20, the whole of the New Times Corporation family was hit by the tragic news of an accident involving the Presidential Convoy en route to Accra, after an official assignment at Ho, the Volta Regional capital.

Hardly did we think our own staff, Samuel Nuamah, was one of the victims, and, indeed, the only one who had lost his life.

We were consequently, shattered; the whole corporation was thrown into disarray!

Sam, as we affectionately called him, was one of our very astute and assiduous writers, and usually furnished The Ghanaian Times with vivid and spectacular stories from the Presidency and everywhere duty took him.

When he travelled outside the country, we were sure to get detailed, graphic and impressive reports, coupled with pictures which told all the stories.

Brother Nuamah was cool, affable and gentlemanly. His warmth was demonstrated by his smiles and camaraderie; he was easy going and ever prepared, whenever and wherever duty called.

One of his most recent works was the exclusive interview he did with the pilot who safely landed the helicopter carrying the President in Kumasi, during a bad weather.

He was a delight to read, very attentive to language and detail.

We cannot forget his friendship and friendliness with all, as well as his generosity and other palpable virtues.

We must admit Samuel Nuamah was human, and for that matter, might have had his weaknesses. But then, we as a family, hardly found any grievous faults with him. If anything at all, we shall remember him for his politeness, civility and sense of duty.

We shall miss him, for all his personal idiosyncrasies and attitudes; we shall miss him for his contributions to the inky fraternity; we shall miss him for contributing immensely to the New Times Corporation’s success story. We can’t hold our tears, losing such a promising young man in his prime.

But then, he has paid his dues to mother Ghana, sadly but significantly losing him during an official assignment. We commiserate with his family, his wife and only child, and pray his little boy grows and steps into his shoes.

Bro Sam, we loved you, but God loved you best; and we hope He would guide you on your journey home, and sit you on the right hand side of Father Abraham.

Fare thee well, Bro!

May the earth lie softly on you!

May you enjoy heavenly bliss!

Goodbye, Sammy!


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