TUESDAY, July 18, 2017 would be another remarkable day in the history of Ghanaian politics, as it was the day President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo held his first encounter with the media.  The event took place at the Flagstaff House, the seat of government.  In attendance were his Vice, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and some ministers of state.

The encounter was significant, in that the President was following the steps of his predecessors and sort of rendered an account of his stewardship – the six months he has been in office, to the people.

In the Times issue of yesterday, July 19, we captured the highlights of the President’s presentation, under the banner headline, “Economic benefits for all soon.”

The President assured his fellow countrymen and women that his government was working assiduously to address the economic challenges facing the country, and that very soon, Ghana would be so self-reliant that it would wean itself off the extended credit facility of the International Monetary Fund.  Very refreshing, for it is the dream of every Ghanaian that the country ceases to rely on foreign donors and financiers, and manages its own affairs, after all we have been a nation state for sixty years, and we must be mature enough to do just that.

The President again presented some statistics to demonstrate that his government has been taking the necessary steps to stabilise the domestic front.  Again refreshing, because Ghanaians voted him into power to see them out of the woods, and make lives worth living for them.  And they had implicit confidence, that he would deliver; and so he should, for the good of us all. We pray that the macro-economic indices translate into tangibles, as promised!

The Times is again happy with Present Akufo-Addo’s commitment to the fight against  corruption; that it would however be done, based on strong evidence and not at targeted political opponents, in essence not a witch hunt.  This showed his belief in the rule of law and we hope it would not go beyond that. We are one people, as such nobody should be made to face the law courts, because of political inclination and beliefs. We must all feel safe, while not countenancing or condoning wrong doing, crime and anything sinister against the state.

The Times is again elated, that the President touched on the issue of jungle justice, which has engulfed the country in recent times. That he described the practice of mob justice as barbaric told the whole story, and his aversion of it. Ghanaians want the law courts to arbitrate anytime there is infraction of the law or the public order. Nobody has the right over another person’s life, so we should not resort to mayhem and lynching, even when we have evidence of an infringement of the law. We should remember the national motto, “Freedom and Justice,” have faith in the judicial system and be assured of each and everyone’s safety.

This done, we shall be the envy of other African nations and beacon of hope for blacks wherever they are.

We pray that we have more of this encounter in the ensuing years. We hold the President to his assurances and believe he and his government would not let Ghana our beloved motherland, down.

The Times wishes President Nana Akufo-Addo well!

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