Water for Taifa

Day-in and Day-Out, we have been observing the government undertaking development projects across the country, with the recent inauguration of the extended Kpong Water Project by his Excellency President John Dramani Mahama which would serve areas surrounding Taifa.

Unfortunately, Taifa in the Ga East Municipal Assembly of Greater Accra Region has been absolutely neglected of water since its inception as a town and has up to the time of filing this report been in the same situation; the flimsy excuse is that the opinion leaders who have sunk bore-holes in their houses and offer same for sale to the inhabitants have been thwarting government’s efforts by blocking the pipe lines.

Although the main pipe lines contain water but does not flow to destined areas. The question one would ask is who is an opinion leader? Is he or she more powerful than the government?

As a matter of principle, the people of Taifa do not see their way clear in this direction.

Nonetheless, even if the rural folks are enjoying pipe borne water, how much more somebody living in the urban area like Taifa in Accra.

Most times when we travel to our individual villages, the mockery they make about us is “you claim to live in the capital but you don’t have access to pipe borne water” In this instance what would be your response as a city dweller?

About three years or so ago, the Taifa Baptist Charismatic Church Convention inaugurated a bore-hole project for the people of Taifa with the assurance to extending same facilities to other communities in the near future; the inauguration was a feature article in the Daily Graphic,

However, water kept flowing from the inception of the inauguration but ceased after some time when the pumping machine became faulty. The pumping machine has been on and off and for about a year or two, the borehole project has been dysfunctional without water.

Averagely, residents purchase borehole water for washing and flushing toilets and use pure water which now sells at 20P to prepare food – a situation which is quite expensive.

Hereafter, I would like to appeal to the indulgence of Ghana Water Company Ltd., as a matter of urgency to please check and rectify any fault and allow water to flow to Taifa and let the people of Taifa also enjoy pipe borne water for the first time, now that Kpong Water project has been expanded and officially inaugurated.

Pete de-Morgan Taifa, Accra

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