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Dear Editor
Recently, Galaxy International School and Ghana-Turkey Cooperation and Development Association (TUDES) have been misleading the Ghanaian public through the media.

These two organisations are part of a congregation which begun as a religious and educational movement headed by an Imam, Mr Fethullah Gülen.

They established schools, universities, companies, newspapers, TV channels, business associations and even a bank.

They installed their followers in key positions in bureaucracy, judiciary, security, etc and through them they tried to achieve more political and economic power.

They became so ruthless that they were engaged in illegal wiretappings of thousands of people, violation of private life, leaking state documents, jeopardising national security and arresting people on false pretences.

They have also used the powers of the judiciary, police and media to eliminate their opponents.

Last but not the least they tried to topple the elected Government in Turkey twice in December 2013. Consequently, their affiliates have been investigated and prosecuted.

Galaxy International School and TUDEC tried to lure Ghanaians and take advantage of them for their own interests.

They officer scholarships and business opportunities to influence the decision makers in Ghana as well.

Their affiliated organisation ,TUSKON, is not active anymore. The business forums are organised mainly by Foreign Relations Board (DEIK) or Independent Industrialists’ and Businessman’s Association (MÜSIAD)

Actually, on the occasion of the official visit of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erodoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey to Ghana, DEIK and Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a business forum on March 1, 2016 in Accra with participation of around 150 businessmen and women from Turkey.

Apparently, TUDEC wanted to seize this opportunity to push its own agenda and further its interests by pretending to be more influential than it really is.

Therefore, the Embassy deems it necessary to bring to the attention of the Ghanaian business people and public the true nature of Galaxy International School and TUDEC.

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