WASPAG to educate mobile phone users… on service delivery operations

Mobile Phone PixThe Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association of Ghana (WASPAG), will soon begin a sensitisation campaign aimed at educating members of the public on its operations.

WASPAG is an umbrella organisation of operators of mobile-based value added services providers (VASPs) working in close association with the mobile telecommunication networks, the National Communications Authority (NCA) and the Telecom Chamber.

VASPs operators provide mobile phone users with such services as ring back tones (RBT), music tracks play, download and ring tones, sports and infotainment services, location based services, missed call alerts and voice mail box and mobile advertisements.

The first phase of the educational campaign, dubbed the “STOP” campaign, will focus primarily on teaching consumers how to unsubscribe to any unsolicited or unwanted service rendered by any VAS operator.

The association has noted with grave concern the complications that some VAS consumers face in the usage of their services, stemming from a lack of understanding of what the different offerings imply in relation to the benefits, pricing and other related issues. This, the association has observed has created some misconceptions in the minds of some consumers with respect to their services.

WASPAG, however, believes that members of the public should be able to use mobile services with confidence, based on the assurance that they will be provided with accurate information on all services and the pricing associated with those services.

WASPAG is also committed to meeting its core propositions to its customers including building trust and transparency, customer care, convenience, education and accountability.

Further components of the campaign will also be geared towards other stake holders in the industry including the various mobile network operators, NCA which is the regulatory authority, and the Telecom Chamber.

This will also lend special attention to both the individual and shared roles of each stakeholder in ensuring that end-users receive world-class services whiles ensuring that industry participants also earn a fair return on their investments.

WASPAG is committed to living up to its vision “to build a vibrant and collaborative Wireless Application Service industry focused on service quality, market growth and responsibility to customers”.

By Times Reporter

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