Walk The Talk On Corruption — Martin Amidu Tells President

martin_amiduA former Attorney-General and Minister of  Justice, Martin Alamisi Amidu, has challenged President John Mahama to take the bull by the horn when it comes to issues of corruption and not to engage in mere talk shows.

“Walk your talk, Mr. President or forget about fighting corruption and impunity”, Mr. Amidu said in a statement issued yesterday.

His statement was a riposte to the President’s recent directives on a wide-range of measures to combat corruption.

President Mahama also appealed for public support to help his government address issues bordering on the menace.

But, Mr. Amidu, who now describes himself as a citizen vigilante, claimed that he was “amazed that the government is expecting the support and involvement of all Ghanaians — to sustain this fight against corruption”.

“How can a citizenry show support and involvement in the fight against corruption when the President who utters these supposedly noble words, is not known to encourage those who have already shown the way in the fight against corruption upon the success of their endeavours?”

He explained that when the  government used the power at its disposal to victimise and continue to victimise those who have and still fight against corruption, abuse of power and impunity, such exhortations by the President  on public occasions looked  like self-serving propaganda.

According to him, “Corruption will go on as usual. By this stratagem of this government people bleeding this nation through bribery and corruption will go off the hook.”

He said it was because of this reason that he believed  the government’s promise to implement the Sole Commissioner’s report was hollow, looking at  “the conditions precedent for this government to be able to implement such constitutional reports”.

“The President, in his written speech, appears to pretend that there exists in Ghana today “various independent anti-corruption and governance institutions, including Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) and Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO)”.

Mr. Amidu said experience with EOCO and CHRAJ, as presently constituted when he  was in government, did not bear him out.

“These institutions were established to be independent and impartial in the execution of their duties to all Ghanaians without political colouration”.

“I saw the politicisation of EOCO and CHRAJ as Minister for the Interior, and the Attorney-General and no change has taken place there to convince me of their independence and impartiality”, he said .

The former Attorney-General said “The problem lies not with the principle of establishing an institution but more with the integrity and trustworthiness of the individuals elected or appointed to lead it. The same goes for a nation under its Constitution”.

He maintained that, the fight against corruption, abuse of power and impunity should be proactive and not reactive and that government  did not need to wait to be charged with poor leadership in fighting it before reacting in seeking to show leadership where we had all the opportunity but failed to be proactive.

“Good leaders act, they do not wait to react to situations. Ghanaians will have difficulty electing another President from the geo-political north which the President and myself come from for more than thirty years after he has left office should this President fail to fight corruption, abuse of office, and impunity in obedience to our ancestors and God during his tenure of office,” he stressed .

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