WAFA coach wants his player banned

John Killa,head coach,WAFA- Wants his player disciplined

John Killa,head coach,WAFA- Wants his player disciplined

HEAD coach of West African Football Academy,  has called on the Ghana Football Association and the PLB to ban his own WAFA striker, Majeed Ashimeru for eight games after the striker was red carded following a violent conduct during the game against Wa All Stars in Wa on Sunday, June 7.

Speaking to Sportscrusader.com after the match, John Killa said “It was a deserved red card. A straight red card, he tried kicking the player. It is very stupid, he did a couple of times already before. I hope that that they punish him for 7 or 8 games. It is the only punishment those young players can learn from. That is what I think”, John Killa said.

On the outcome of the match, the head coach admitted the better team won but their goal keeper did not help matters either.

“I think that Wa All stars deserved the win, they were stronger today. The break point for us was the first goal. I think it was a mistake by our midfielders and goal keeper and very stupid red card by Majeed. It is very difficult to play with 10 players on this pitch against Wa All stars. The main problem for us was the red card, very stupid”, John Killa admitted.

Majeed Ashimeru was sent after hitting Wa All stars player on the pitch. Wa All Stars ended up beating WAFA by 2 goals to nothing.

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