WABCO Auctioned For GH¢1.3m Against Court Order

Mr George(left)having exchanges with Mr VanderpuijeDespite the order by an Accra High Court restraining Carl Josiah Reindorf and an auctioning firm, Van Mart, from auctioning the West African Building Company (WABCO) at Tesano in Accra, the parties have gone  ahead and done so.

Mr. Reindolf together with Van Mart, Timothy Anyidoho, the valuer early Monday stormed the company premises and auctioned it off for GH¢ 1.3 million, which action was met with hoots and boos by the irate workers of the company.

The High Court, presided over by Justice Barbara Ackah-Yensu, had earlier ordered Mr. Reindorf and the firm not to carry out any activity at the WABCO premises, until the determination of an injunction and contempt application brought before it against Mr. Reindorf by CFC Construction and Furniture Company, the mother company of WABCO.

The court said the two had no legal rights to take over either the company’s land and building or the 53-acre land belonging to WABCO, per the injunction.

The CFC Company, in May, this year, filed the injunction and a subsequent contempt application against Mr. Reindorf for laying claims to the Company’s property, and wanting to sell it.

The interlocutory injunction followed a suit by CFC Company contesting, among other things, a 1997 judgment against CFC Construction and Furniture Company.

By the judgement, Mr. Reindorf was entitled to own the Tesano land, property of Onamroko-Adain family and take possession of land such as that of Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Following the 1997 judgement, Phyto-Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Limited, the Attorney General and the Head of Onamroko-Adain family in 2005, filed a joint suit against Mr. Reindorf and his family at the Accra High Court, presided over by Justice Samuel Marful-Sau to stop Mr. Reindorf from taking over the land.

In his judgement, Justice Marful-Sau  stated that the said land under litigation was neither the property of Mr. Reindorf nor his father Dr. Charles Elais Reindorf and therefore they did not have the right to sell it.

He explained that Dr. Reindorf, being a member of the Onamroko-Adain family and a signatory to the document pertaining to the land, could not will the entire family property, the land, to his children only.

Justice Marful-Sau found the sale of the land to CFC Company legitimate, and asked that Reindorf and his children stay away from it, but that did not go well with Mr. Reindorf and he went ahead to claim ownership of it, based on the 1997 judgement.

That action of Mr. Reindorf necessitated the suit and the subsequent injunction by Mrs. Dyson. The court adjourned hearing to September 18.

By Charles Amankwa


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