Volta NDC Executive Aspirant Canvasses For Votes

man 001A head of the congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Saturday to elect its regional executives, Mr. Delah Kasu, who is contes-ting the position of the Deputy Regional Propaganda Secre-tary, has appealed to delegates to vote for him.

Talking about his experience, he said he had worked as the Ho Central NDC Propaganda Secretary and gathered more experience to take up the position.

Mr. Kasu explained that the position needed a young and dynamic person who could articulate the vision and as well defend the party on issues of national interest.

The aspiring Deputy Propaganda Secretary maintained that “we are looking forward to winning more souls to our numbers, and it would take the courage and calibre of people like me to achieve that for the party”.

Mr. Kasu said if elected, he would produce within the shortest possible time, strategic plans for the party to win more than 80 per cent votes in 2016, and called on all NDC supporters to rally behind the leadership of the party to retain power in the general election.

He was grateful to the other contestants for comporting themselves throughout the vetting process and commended those who also conducted it (vetting) for their transparency.

He said he had no doubt that the types of people who were vying for the various positions would lead the party to victory.

Sixty-six people are in the contest.

From Kafui Gati, Ho

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