Volta group calls for transparent referendum on new region creation

A Volta group has urged the government, Electoral Commission (EC) and the Police Service to ensure that the referendum in connection with the creation of the Oti Region is transparent, free and fair devoid of intimidation and harassment.
It noted that there was the need to open up the democratic space for all registered voters to exercise their franchise at the Yes or NO campaign and at the polls on December 27.
The group in a press release jointly signed and issued by Kossi Nutekpor and Grant Ayayee, Chairman and Public Relations Officer, respectively alleged that some persons were being intimidated and harassed because of their opposition to the creation of the new region.

It called on stakeholders in the electoral process to take keen interest in developments in connection with the creation of the Oti Region from the northern part of the existing Volta Region.
‘We have over the past months, come across clear evidence of intimidation and harassment of opponents of the proposed Oti Region, and interference in the process to take advantage of proponents of Oti Region as the referendum draws near, acts of brazen lawlessness is being recorded over the Oti enclave.

“We see ethnic divisions escalating as consequence of developments with other prominent Ghanaians both within and outside the Volta Region, unfortunately expressing similar sentiments,” the statement said.

In furtherance of the peace, security, order and lawful exercise of freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, it tasked relevant agencies responsible for ensuring electoral integrity, credible, transparent, free and fair referendum, law, order and protection of those who would participate.

It appealed to the Police Service to ensure protection to the residents who wish to participate in the process leading to casting of votes, including free assembling, educating and campaigning wherever they deemed necessary.

The statement extended peace and goodwill to traditional authorities and registered voters of the proposed Oti Region and hope to remain tolerant, peaceful and united in pursuit of desired development after the referendum. –ghanaweb.com

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