Volleyball –Police lock horns with GIS

The Volleyball court at the Lebanon House at Tudu in Accra will explode with action when the male volleyball teams of the Ghana Police Service and Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) lock horns in a replay of the Silver Star Top 8 volleyball championship.

This afternoon’s clash will serve as the defining moments for the two sides which failed to produce a winner for Saturday’s grand finale which ended abruptly following a heavy downpour.

Winner will take home a coveted trophy at stake for the competition organized by the Greater Accra Volleyball Association (GAVA) with support from Silver Star Company.

Once again, it will be expected to be very intense looking at the performance exhibited by the Police team pundits considered as favourites.

The physically endowed Police team led 2-1 after the first three sets of the best-of-five sets competition and appeared to be on course for the next game when the heavens opened.

With that display, it was clear the Policemen would have another easy afternoon after their women humbled their GIS counterparts with a 3-1 verdict.

Obviously, GIS crumbled under the pressure of returning serves from the Policemen, a situation that opened a yawning gap between the two in the first game but when the men in green recovered, they were a delight to watch.

Trailing 5-16, the ‘Immigrants’ fought back eagerly to throw the set into a tie which Police eventually won 27-25.

So when GIS started well in the second set which they eventually won, it only went to change the minds of fans that predicted a second Police annihilation on the day but what was expected to be a thrilling encounter was cut short by the rain with Police leading 2-1.

But with both sides approaching the game afresh, it appears a game of equals despite the fact that Police is still seen as a formidable force.

But less than three weeks ago, GIS humiliated the Police team 3-0 at the group stages of the tournament to indicate they have the men to face the peace officers.

But if they hope to upset the Policemen to win the trophy, then they must find answers to some of the weaknesses they exposed or face the same fate today.

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