Vodafone takes on NCA over market share data

Gayheart-PixVodafone Ghana has expressed concern about media reports quoting the National Communications Authority (NCA) official website that the company’s market share dropped in January, this year.

“Vodafone will like to put on record that its market share rather increased from 23.29 per cent in December 2014 to 23.43 per cent at the end of January, 2015, as has been subsequently updated and reported on the NCA’s website on April 07, 2015,” a statement issued by Vodafone in Accra yesterday said.

In its monthly report on the telecommunications industry, the NCA indicated that Vodafone’s subscriber base increased to 7,177,032 at the end of January as compared to December’s figure of 7,069,516. However, in quoting the market share, the regulator presented a drop from 23.29 per cent in December 2014 to 21.97 per cent in January.

The statement said ”In an industry where perception is everything, the misrepresentation by the NCA created a major dent as key websites and media establishments rely on the NCA data for their news reports — reports which shape public perception.”

This it said was a consistent rise in the performance of the company as a result of the drive and passion with which the company had deepened customer experience and offered value propositions over the past years.

“In a competitive environment that has become a characteristic of the telecommunication industry, telecom companies always have their work cut out for them in terms of being visible and gaining subscribers – Vodafone Ghana continues to blaze the trail in this regard,” the statement said.

Mr. Gayheart Mensah, Director of External Affairs at Vodafone Ghana, said he was confident the company’s rise has only just begun.

“At Vodafone, there is a concerted and persistent effort to always step up our performance and to provide unmatched customer experience. It is an ethos that is intrinsic to the way we operate as a business — and this we will continue to do,” he said.

By Times Reporter

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