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Ms Cuba

Ms Cuba

Vodafone has announced a significant global change to its brand positioning to reflect a new purpose and visual identity for the future.

This represents the first major change to the way the telecom company communicates since the introduction of the “Power to You” strapline in 2009.

The repositioning, which was launched on October 6, 2017 and has been rolled out across all its markets including Ghana, is to underline Vodafone’s belief that new technologies and digital services will play a significant role in transforming society and enhancing quality of life in the years ahead.

It defines Vodafone’s purpose in the changing world of technology as partnering governments and the customer in a way that offers confidence and optimism for exploiting emerging technologies.

A statement issued by the telecommunications company in Accra on Friday said, “As part of the repositioning, the strapline “Power to You” now becomes, “The Future is Exciting. Ready?’. This is to reflect the deepened partnership with, and commitment to customers in the ever-changing space of technology.

“It also reflects a commitment by Vodafone to communicate with customers in a more engaging and exciting manner. The change is indicative of Vodafone’s resolve to stand by customers each step of the way as they navigate the dynamic and fast moving space of technology,” the statement said.

Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba said: “Technology is undergoing tremendous changes globally, influenced by rapid innovation and the desire by customers for efficiency and expansion of digital services.

“Our repositioning and new visual identity, which finds expression in the strapline, “The future is exciting. Ready?” will completely transform how we engage and will give customers reasons to be optimistic about the future. It is also aligned with our vision to ignite Ghana’s digital revolution,” she said.

Yolanda Cuba was of the view that Vodafone’s promise of empowerment through the concept of “Power to You” completely transformed how the company engaged with customers and businesses when it was unveiled in 2009.

She  however, stated “that relationship with customers ought to be taken some notches higher. “Our global and local research have revealed that customers across markets believe that the way technology is evolving through connectivity makes the future exciting and we want everybody to benefit every step of the way, hence, the transition from “Power to You” to “The future is exciting. Ready?”

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