Vodafone CEO heads to Greece

•   Mr.  Broumidis

• Mr. Broumidis

Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, Haris Broumidis, is leaving Ghana after three years in charge to take on a new role within Vodafone.

Mr. Broumidis, who was appointed CEO of the Ghana business in July 2013, is to become the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of Vodafone Greece effective April 1, 2016.

His time at Vodafone Ghana coincided with a very competitive telecommunications market, when operators needed to innovate and be creative to produce growth.

According to a statement issued by the telecommunications firm in Accra yesterday, Mr. Broumidis led the business excellently through this period and was instrumental in leading the business to achieve high levels of growth, through a relentless focus on execution and delivering unmatched customer experience.

“He also launched a number of transformational initiatives, including the very successful Vodafone X and the Mobile Money platform, Vodafone Cash. Additionally, he championed a number of IT and network transformation projects including the introduction of a new billing system and numerous initiatives focused on driving network leadership. Besides, Mr. Broumidis drove a strong people agenda, increasing employee net promoter score from 49 per cent to 78 per cent over the period, while advocating and improving the ratio of internal senior promotions,” the statement said.

Board Chairman of Vodafone Ghana, Dr. Kobina Quansah said: “It is sad to see Haris go after presiding over a very fruitful period for the company. However, we are determined to ensure that the successful growth story established under his leadership is maintained and the company continues to thrive.”

Mr. Broumidis joined Vodafone in 2002. Since then he has held various senior roles including Marketing Director and EBU Director in Vodafone Greece, CEO of Vodafone Albania and Commercial Director, Europe for Vodafone Group.

“Vodafone Ghana will announce Mr. Broumidis’ replacement in due course. He will, however, remain with Vodafone Ghana until the end of the financial year and ensure a smooth transition to the new CEO,” the Vodafone firm said.

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