VIP guards not for domestic chores -police

Mr. John Kudalor, IGP

Mr. John Kudalor, IGP

The Ghana Police Servicehas issued a stern warning to  political  parties  to  desist from subjecting police officers deployed to protect their flagbearers to domestic chores.

In April this year, the Ghana Police Service unveiled plans to provide protection for presidential candidates and their running mates before and during the November 7 general elections, following the flying of three South

African  ex-police  officers  into the  country  by  the  opposition New  Patriotic  Party  (NPP)  to train VIP security detail for  the party’s  flagbearer  and  running mate.

The police said  the packageforms  part  of  security  arrangements being put  in place  to ensure  a  peaceful  electioneering process,  but  was  concerned about how the security provided will be used by the politicians.

Speaking  at  a  forum  to  finalise security detail and modalities for the provision of securityfor  presidential  candidates  in

Ada, Director in charge of operations at the police headquarters,Chief Superintendent (Dr) Benjamin  Agordzo  advised  politicians not to involve the police in political discourse.

“Please  let  us  do  very well not  to  involve  them  in politics.

And we  can do better  if we do not  directly  have  political  conversations with them,” he stated.

“Avoid  using  them  for  domestic  chores,  they will not be sweeping  your  bedrooms,  they will  not  be  fetching  water  for you. If you decide for one reason or the other that they should stay in  your  boys’  quarters  so  that they can protect you very well,we do not have a problem with it,but  please  do  not  use  them  for domestic chores,” he cautioned.

Supt Agordzo noted: “Let us not  compromise  them  and  they are also not house guards,  their duty is to give VIP protection as you go about your duties”.

He  told  the  flagbearers  “do not reduce them to the extent that as you are going out they should remain  in  the house and protect your  house  for  you,  no,  that  is not  their  duty,  they  are  not  the watchmen  of  the  house  or  providing static guard duties in your house”.


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