Vikileaks Part 2: Rawlings Mentioned!

vickyThe Rawlingses have popped up in a different alleged secret tape recording of the private conversations of axed Deputy Minister of Communications, Ms. Victoria Hammah.

In the new tape, a male interlocutor, whom the alleged voice of Ms Hammah kept referring to as “brother”, was heard advising the former Deputy Minister to prevent her personal assistant, Ayitey Basty, from using her office as the support base for one of the Youth Organiser aspirants of the governing party, Wonder Madilo, against one other aspirant they both referred to as Siidi.

The male voice warned Ms Hammah that she risked being hated by the Rawlingses, if Ayitey Basty’s support for Madilo against Siidi, who, according to the male voice, is from the Rawlings’ camp, was misinterpreted as support coming from the Minister of Communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah and herself.

Though she told the male interlocutor that Siidi had fallen out with the Rawlingses, Ms. Hammah concurred with the advice and vouched to “control the politics that comes into my office” adding that she had plans of “sacking” Ayitey Basty, who she described as a potential traitor.

According to her, she put Ayi’s dismissal on hold for a while, because her boss, Dr Omane Boamah, intervened.
She’s then heard promising to fix her “brother”-interlocutor into Ayitey Basty’s position once she had booted him out.
“I’m considering you because you are good, not because you are my brother; you can do a lot of things for me. I mean if I train you in office setting, you can work once you get the basic training but Ayi cannot write. He doesn’t even speak good English. He needs to go back to school for English lessons,” she told her “brother”-interlocutor.

She said she felt comfortable using her “brother”-interlocutor as her personal assistant because it was a safer option.
“Ayi is somebody who can betray me; I’ve seen his betrayal tactics already, but you cannot betray me because you’ll be betraying yourself so the stakes are higher but you are not prepared,” Ms. Hammah told the man she called “my brother”.

Ms. Hammah was sacked Friday by President John  Mahama following the outing of a secret tape on which a voice purported to be that of the former Deputy Minister was heard denigrating Deputy Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister, Rachel Appoh as a “brainless, senseless, ugly, loud-mouthed, egoistic” woman who needlessly fights her boss, Nana Oye Lithur at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

The same voice was also heard saying she didn’t intend risking her job with useless fights and squabbles until she has bagged US$1million in politics.

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