Vigilantes will be crushed- Minister

Mr Prosper Bani,Interior Minister.Mr. Prosper Bani, Minister of the Interior has warned that anyone caught as part of a vigilante group will be ruthlessly dealt with on a personal level, before those behind their actions are “Such persons are expected to be adults and must be held responsible for their deeds and misdeeds,” he stated.

Taking his turn at the Meet-The-Press series in Accra, Mr. Bani said the supposed ‘small boys’ of  sponsors should not allow themselves to be used as conduits to perpetrate political violence.   

His warning comes on the back of the call on members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) by its Northern regional chairman, Bugri Naabu, to chase and hack anyone who would attempt to snatch a ballot box.

He has since been invited by the police.

Mr. Bani said though the financiers of such groups would eventually be brought to book, those caught in the act of disturbing the peace would be the first to bear the wrath of the police, in accordance with law.

“It is ok to deal with the menace of the vigilante menace from the root cause, but people who perpetrate such illegalities will be the first to take the dose of their superiors,” he warned.

According to the Minister, such vigilante groups, if allowed to blossom, could create problems for the stability of the country, this they should be stopped so that they never become engrained in Ghana’s political culture.

“Every effort is being made to stamp out vigilantes from our society once and for all,” he said, adding that “various stakeholder fora have been held to discuss the matter and emphasise that the phenomenon is unlawful.”

He disclosed that the police had identified 5,003 polling stations across the country as flash points and hinted that security at those polling stations would be beefed up.

Touching on the use of weapons in the country, Mr. Bani said though the country was safer than it used to be before a gun amnesty was given to people in possession of fire arms illegally to regularise their weapons, it was important to continue monitoring the situation in the country.

During that amnesty period, 1,186 unregularised weapons were retrieved from the civilian public and 610 registered, he said, adding that “for every one weapon registered or retrieved, a life is saved”.


By Julius Yao Petetsi 






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