‘Victim not lover to suspect’

One of the two suspects arrested for posting nude pictures of a girl and described as in the story, is not in any relationship with the victim.

This is contrary to an earlier report published yesterday that the suspect, Elvin Boakye, and the 14-year-old victim became “lovers,” after striking an acquaintance.

At no point did they become lovers, and it is misleading to say they are lovers, a source close to the police confirmed to Ghanaian Times.

Desmond Appleton and Elvin Boakye, both university students, who have been arrested by the Legon Police for allegedly posting nude pictures on the internet to blackmail the girls for money and mobile phone credit.

Investigations following their arrest after the mother of one of their victims, a 14-year-old Junior High School (JHS) girl reported the case, leading  to the discovery of 11 more girls, who had fallen victim to the activities of the suspects.

Appleton and Boakye, who are friends and students of a university (name withheld) in Accra, are currently on police enquiry bail.

Chief Superintendent Dr Gustav Herbert Yankson, Director of Cyber Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), told Ghanaian Times on Monday in Accra that Boakye, a few months ago, visited the school of the victim to sell ‘T’ shirts and became friends.

According to the police, they communicated regularly on social media without meeting each other, until in January this year, when Boakye managed to convince the victim to send him her nude videos and pictures of her which she did.

Chief Supt Yankson said in April, Appleton commenced a chat with the victim on social media and demanded more videos after which he threatened to leak the video they had in their custody.

He said the victim out of fear obliged and sent them ten additional pictures.

“Appleton further demanded for more pictures but victim refused and ceased communication with him,” Chief Supt Yankson said.

Chief Supt Yankson said investigations led to the arrest of the suspects who have been charged with publishing child pornography.

He said Appleton later released the pictures on the internet, when the girl failed to send him mobile phone credit he demanded



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