Veteran coach lashes out at money-conscious players

Coach Lokko

Coach Lokko – Wants lots of commitment from players

Ghanaian players are speedily becoming more committed to making money than the desire to develop their talent into big game players.

This was the assertion of former player of Accra Hearts of Oak, Carl Lokko, during an interview with the Times Sports at the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday.

“We have some great up-and-coming talents in Ghana but unfortunately they are rushing out of the country in chase of money instead of waiting for a while to develop into big stars.

“It is sad to say that these players who leave the country in droves end up in very low leagues and even become bench warmers in their clubs,” he said, cautioning players to exercise patience and build up into big stars before seeking greener pastures.

According to Mr Lokko, he recognises the fact that some of these players may be the bread winners in the family and hence are hungry to sprint out at all cost.

“Much as I feel for some of the players since they may be the bread winners of their families, I think they should also consider their future.”

The 72-year-old, who once coached former premiership side, Ho Voradep, to beat Hearts in a league game at the Accra stadium in the 90s, cautioned clubs not to rush their players into foreign clubs “until they are sure such players are ready for the big game.”

“Indeed, as a matter of fact, when players move out into big teams, it is Ghana that benefits at the end of the day so clubs administrators must also think about the interest of the nation when releasing their players to foreign clubs,” he stated.

The septuagenarian played for the state-sponsored Republicans and Academicals in the 60s and maintained that “football during our time is more exciting than what is being showcased today.”

“Our football was more thrilling, competitive and beautiful because we took our training seriously. We didn’t focus on money as today’s players are doing. Indeed, we were more committed to the game and we were more disciplined on and off the pitch – something many modern players seem to be lacking at the moment,” he said.

The retired coach, however, called on Ghanaians to patronise the local game “since there are still lots of talents around to make the leagues stimulating and elating.”



By John Vigah


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