Venues of King Faisal, 14 others rejected

Alhaji Grusah - King Faisal bossThe Club Licensing Board (CLB) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has rejected match venues of 15 Division One clubs including Alhaji Grusah’s King Faisal.
In effect, the affected clubs will be barred from hosting matches in the 2016/17 GN Bank Division One League (DOL) expected to kick start soon.
A portion of the report of the Club Licensing Board leaked to the media recently found other clubs like Abedi Pele’s Nania FC, winners of the 2011 FA Cup championship Nania FC and Okyeman Planners as offenders.
According to the report, most of the 15 clubs that had their centers rejected had weak inner perimeter fences as well as having no dressing rooms.
Many others do not have permanent and standing secretariat while others have dilapidated walls and bad pitches.
These clubs will have to declare other match centers closer as their home grounds latest by Friday to the CLB in order to maintain their status as members of the DOL.
Apart from the three clubs named already, notable clubs like Okwawu United, Wassaman FC and Eleven Wise are also victims.
The other clubs are Danbort FC, Zein FC, Achicken FC, Dunkwa United, Mighty Royals, Kintampo FC, Tamale Glory Stars, FC Tanga and Proud United.
The GN Bank Division One League is scheduled to commence on February 18 and all the clubs listed are expected to relocate as soon as possible or put in place the necessary requirements by the CLB to be able to use their venues.


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