UW Police Commander worried about public reactions to crimes

DCOP Kwasi Mensah Duku PixThe Upper West Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kwasi Mensah Duku, has expressed worry over public reactions to the crime situation in the region.

While admitting that the region had recorded some incidents of armed robberies, snatching of motorbikes, and attacks, he said those cases did not necessarily make the region insecure.

He has therefore appealed for calm and support for the service to fight crime, in general, in the region.

Mr. Duku disclosed this at a news conference held here yesterday by the regional police command.

It was to address some of the issues raised by a section of residents in the Wa municipality at the second town hall meeting organised by the Action for Sustainable Development (ASUDEV) and the Wa Municipal Assembly on Thursday.

At the said meeting, some of the participants accused the police of complicity in the various crimes in the region.

They also called for the transfer of the regional commander and all officers who had served more than five years in the region because most of them had become informants to the criminals.

However, Mr. Duku described most of the assertions as mere perceptions.

He said the police admitted that there was some level of crime in the region but it was also working hard to make the status of the region as one of the most peaceful in the country.

DCOP Duku explained that the police, as part of measures to curb criminal activities in the region, had mounted check points on all link roads and vantage points in the region.

Reacting to allegations that the police was in bed with criminals in the region, he said the Service, like all other organisations, had some bad nuts but that did not mean it was in bed with criminals.

Mr. Duku said the Service was doing its best to make the region safe and peaceful; however, like all institutions, there were bad nuts who would use their activities to tarnish the image of the service.

He, therefore, cautioned the public against volunteering information to officers apart from the regional commanders.

From Cliff Ekuful, Wa


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