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Ghanaians have been called upon to use dialogue as a means of settling disputes, instead of taking to conflict.

According to Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu, a Lecturer of the Islamic University, that was the way to ensure peaceful co-existence between the religious sects.

He said it had become increasingly impossible for people of different religious persuasions to come together.

Sheikh Shaibu was speaking at the launch of a book entitled, ‘Love and tolerance; peaceful co-existence in diversity’, edited by the Most Reverend Emmanuel Asante in Accra, by  the Ghana Turkey Cooperation and Development Association (TUDEC).

He said that diversity was a dynamic part of life, made evident in ethnicity, racial identity, culture, religion and ideological perspectives.

“Why a person is the way he is cannot be explained by any human but Allah,” he said, and eulogised most Reverend Emmanuel Asante for editing the book from speakers who took part in the forum  organised in 2015 from which the book was put together.

The Most Rev Asante, said the book was aimed at promoting peace and encourage peaceful co-existence between different faiths, ethnicities, races and languages.

He urged the youth not to allow politicians to use them to cause violence during elections.

“The youth must arise by promoting peaceful behavioral change to facilitate the prevention and management to electoral violence,” he said.

The Most Rev Asante said he was motivated to edit the speeches based on rich display of unity exhibited by the speakers highlighted in the book during the Love and Tolerance Peaceful Co-Existence in Diversity 2015’ conference which brought speakers from diverse backgrounds.

The 106-page book is a collection of nine speeches which were edited to promote and encourage a peaceful co-existence among humanity.

By Julius Yao Petetsi and Emelia Enyonam Kuleke    

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