US helps fight HIV

 Dr. Kweku Agyeman Mensah —  Health MinisterThe United States (US) government is committed to fighting HIV in sub Saharan Africa, says Ms Deborah Birx, Ambassador–at large and Coordinator of the US government’s combat of HIV/AIDs.

According to her, resources would be channelled to the region for the control of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Ms Birx gave the assurance in a telephonic media briefing of journalists in the sub-region on the HIV pandemic last Thursday.

The conference was to assist th risks associated with the disease, and how they can be addressed.

Ms Birx disclosed that 25,000 adults die weekly from the pandemic, while 36,000 adults are infected and 36,000 children die weekly, all of which affect development.

Ms Birx lamented that some people claim HIV/AIDS is no more an issue, and called for intensification of awareness on the disease.

She disclosed that the President Obama administration has tripled the number of people receiving life-saving treatment.

Ms Birx stated that “through partnerships, we are beginning to see changes in the trajectory of the epidemic, and hope for an AIDS-free generation, and actually controlling the epidemic, can be possible, if we all join to fight”

Ms Birx cited the Accelerating Children’s Treatment which aims at doubling the number of children receiving the life-saving Anti- Retroviral Therapy.

She said the 200 million-dollar initiative is expected to cover nearly 300 thousand more children.

Ms Birx assured, the US would work with Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, to ensure the success of the initiative.

By Anita Nyarko

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