US, China dominate global ownership of top football clubs

THE United States and China continue to dominate the global ownership of the world’s top 100 clubs.

This year’s Soccerex Football Finance report has revealed the two countries control more than a third of the most powerful clubs financially.

Most MLS franchises are under US ownership, but their influence in the Premier League, where five clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Fulham and Crystal Palace) are also controlled by Americans, furthers their influence in the game. Bournemouth also has investment from Americans, with PEAK6 Investments’ minority stake.

In total, 18 of the world’s most powerful clubs financially are US-owned, with 13 clubs occupied by Chinese investment. Next is Mexico and the UK with seven each.

The top 30 in the world is still US-dominated, with seven clubs (23 per cent), with four UK-owned clubs and China and Germany having three each.

The study also details how brand value is becoming less vital in pursuit of glory at the top of the game.

Manchester City possess the greatest financial strength, retaining their No 1 ranking overall. Playing assets, tangible assets, cash in the bank, potential owner investment and net debt are all factors considered when assessing the financial health of the clubs. – The Independent

Though smart financial strategy clearly has its value too, with Tottenham and Arsenal sitting fourth and fifth in the rankings, surprisingly ahead of Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona – the north London rivals’ high-value tangible assets is seen as crucial to their standing.

The Independent

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